Fire Extinguishers

Your First Line of Defence

All businesses and households should have fire extinguishers installed. It's a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher in your vehicle, in Kitchens whether at home or work. Do not allow an empty extinguisher to be present where it could create the false impression of being a good extinguisher.

Safety is of paramount importance at home and in the workplace. Bond Street Exports is a wholesale supplier of Fire Prevention products to Central and Southern Africa including South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo

A potential fire can often be controlled before it really takes hold, if the right fire equipment is close at hand. Bond Street Exports offers a range of portable fire extinguishers to suit all types and classes of fires.
With locations in South-Africa and Zambia, Bond Street Exports is one of South-Africa's largest teams of portable fire equipment technicians, we are also there to help you with selecting the correct fire extinguisher, installation, training and servicing.

Our Fire Extinguishers
• Fire Extinguishers 1Kg DCP CIMA FULL 40%
• Fire Extinguishers 2KG CO2 EXTINGUISHER
• Fire Extinguishers 2KG DCP EXTINGUISHER
• Fire Extinguishers 2.5Kg DCP CIMA FULL 40%
• Fire Extinguishers C02 5kg
• Fire Extinguishers DCP 4.5kg
• Fire Extinguishers DCP 9KG
• Fire Extinguisher 30Kg C02 with Trolley
• Fire Extinguisher 45Kg C02 Full with Pneumatic Valve
• Fire Extinguishers Foam 50 Kg

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