The Applications of Non-Stick Adhesive Tapes

Non-stick adhesive tapes are used by manufacturers for many applications, and mainly in the following sectors: Aeronautics, Printing, Automobile construction, Maintenance.

They are valued for their different features:

Ease of sliding:

Used by manufacturers to improve fluidity of product transfers on industrial conveyor belts and rollers. Non-stick adhesive products also prevent machine jams by improving the slide of the parts and by reducing friction.

Reduction of noise and vibrations:

Adding a specific tape allows for a significant reduction of noise and vibrations, for example on conveyor belts for bottles or conveyor chutes for grain or food.

Protection against wear and abrasion:

When there is a part exposed to high traffic, the rubbing generates abrasion and can cause wear of the parts and conveyor belts. Non-stick tapes can help prevent this phenomenon and can also protect against scratches. These tapes reduce the friction coefficient of the walls of vibrating bowls in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Anti-sticking on rollers:

Some non-stick tapes are especially designed for the coating of rollers in the printing industry, and for manufacturing adhesive tape.

Protection against staining and soiling:

Protection of plastic and composite moulds, the coating of welding machines for thermoplastic films, protection of work top counters for packaging, bonding and shaping, are applications for which non-stick tape offers a wide range of possibilities. It prevents smudging by ink, adhesive, hot plastic etc.

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