Water Pump Suppliers

Bond Street Exports Supplies A Wide Range Of Water Pumps, available in bulk.

Our Range Includes

Centrifugal Surface Pumps

Centrifugal Surface Pump 0.75kW, CPm158 & Centrifugal Surface Pump 1.1kW, CPm170

Self-priming Surface Water Pumps

Self-priming Surface Water Pump 0.72kw, JET7500G1 & Self-priming Surface Water Pump 0.72kw, SGJW75
Self-Priming Jet Pump's casing and ejector unit are designed carefully to give the best hydraulic efficiency and suction lift characteristics. Mechanical seals are made of carbon & ceramic which is precisely grounded to close tolerances. Most modern and highly sophisticated machinery and technology are employed in manufacturing these pumps using quality raw materials and dynamically balanced impellers, rotors & shafts ensure longer life and noise free operation.

Use: Domestic, Irrigation, Farms, Industrial

Deep Well Pumps

Deep well pumps lift the water from the borehole into a tank. There will be a self-priming variable speed pump which draws the water from the tank and supplies it to the system needing the water such as a carwash. The whole system will be controlled by a panel that monitors the level of water in the tank and the borehole, which protects the pumps. In the unlikely event of the borehole yield being insufficient, the system will allow mains water to maintain the tank level ensuring constant availability of water.