The importance of packaging to market and expose your Brand, your Company and your product cannot be overemphasized. We cater for Packaging for most Industries, and can offer advice for the various types of packaging available.

Our stocks include corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, packaging machinery, heat sealers, manual and foot operated sealers, tape dispensers, stretch-wrap machinery, sachet fillers, polythene sheet wrapping, bubble wrap, pallet wrap and many more packaging and wrapping tools, strapping and accessories.




Bag Neck Sealer

Bag Neck Sealer Heavy Duty

300mm Heat Sealer Foot Operated

400mm Heat Sealer Foot Operated

600mm Heat Sealer Foot Operated

500x500x600 Box SDV Printed 500 x 500 x 600

Box Stock 5 SA 0457x305x305 DW-Stapled

Box Stock 6 SA 0605x450x310 DW – Stapled

Box Stock 7 SA 0450x450x510 DW – Stapled

Box Printed Stock 6 2 Colour Post Courier

Box Printed Stock 7 2 Colour post Courier

Bread bag clips 60,000 per box min order – Price per box 60,000

Brown Paper 910mm


Bubble Wrap with Brown paper on one side 1220mmx82M

Bubble wrap 100mx1.20m

COT001 Corroboard 40mx1.27m-Unity-170000

Dispenser Tape 48m

Food Wrap 300mm x 300M

Food Wrap 380mm x 1400M

News Print 10Kg


450x1000x020 Pallet Wrap 450mmx1000Mx0.20 – Weight = 8.3kgs

Pallet Wrap 450mmx400Mx0.20Micron Weight = 3.32Kgs

Pallet Wrap 450mmx400Mx0.25Micron

Pallet Wrap 450mmx500Mx030Micron

450x500x020 Pallet Wrap 450mmx500Mx020 – Weight = 4.15kgs

Pallet Wrap 500mmx1000Mx020 – Weight = 9.24kgs

Pallet Wrap 500mmx1500Mx020 – Weight = 13.86kgs

500x500x020 Pallet Wrap 500mmx500Mx020 – Weight = 4.62kgs

Polybuckles – Packed 1000


12×1500 Black-hand Strapping Nylon Hand black 12mmx1500M

Strapping Nylon White Semi Auto 12mmx2000M

Strapping Seals 16mm Steel Closed per 1000

Strapping Seals 13mm Steel Closed per 2000

Strapping Seals 19mm Steel Closed per 2000

Strapping Steel 10mm x 0.5mm 45kg 3 rolls

Strapping Steel 13mm x 0.5 +-20kg per roll – PRICE PER ROLL

Strapping Steel 19mm +- 50Kgs Silver Average length 11metres/Kg – PER ROLL

STR007 Strapping Steel 19mmx0.5mm +- 50Kgs Painted BLACK 11metrs/kg – PER ROLL

Strapping Steel 32mm +-45kg

Strapping Tool Combination for NYLON STRAPPING

Strapping Tool Steel 10mm-19mm Rack Tensioner + Cutter and Crimper

TS187 Strapping Web 19mm x 1000M white

Strapping Web 19mmx500M Econ Poly Woven Black Stripe

Strapping Web Buckles 19mm